Saffron Is Not All The Same!

Four Outstanding Features of Our Saffron

No. 1 Strong Coloring Power

The general range of saffron coloring strength could be form 110-250+. Our saffron has coloring strength of 220 or above.

No. 2 Low Moisture Content

Our saffron contains water around 6%, while other saffron being distributed in Japan does 9-14%. You should choose the saffron with low moisture content because moisture in saffron deteriorates coloring agent (crocin) and flavor agent (picrocrocine).

No. 3 Safe and Reliable

Our saffron is sourced from ISO22000 and HACCAP certified facilities.

Absence of any artificial color has been confirmed by the test conducted in Japan.

No. 4 Reasonable Price

We aim at providing saffron at the lowest price per weight and lowest cost per unit of coloring strength.